Development of a neural network computer model for managing a major educational system

  • T. V. Reshetnyak Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA), Kramatorsk
  • N. P. Isikova Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA), Kramatorsk
Keywords: neural network model, forecast, quality of education, rating of educational organizations, graph, neurons, synoptic connections, risks, quality of management, modern school


Reshetnyak T. V., Isikova N. P. Development of a neural network computer model for managing a major educational system // Herald of the DSEA. – 2019. – № 2 (46). – P. 161–164.

The article analyzes the relevance of the task of increasing the efficiency of the functioning of a large educational system. The features of modernization of vocational education in Ukraine are considered. The problems of the existence of a modern school are determined. The possibility of using artificial neural networks as a tool for solving problems of improving the quality of management is considered. The importance of timely forecasting was emphasized to increase the efficiency of managerial decision-making and reduce the risks of unpleasant consequences. As an output for the constructed model, an indicator for assessing educational institutions is proposed. Based on the selected indicators of the criteria of quality, accessibility and efficiency of resource use and the final assessment of educational institutions, a neural network model was built that will allow us to predict the level of the final rating of the educational institution. A graph was built that demonstrates a graphical view of a neural network consisting of neurons and synoptic connections. To assess the degree of deviation of the predicted data from the accepted as a reference, a dispersion diagram was built. When visualizing the diagram, two lines were constructed corresponding to the permissible error level. The What-if visualizer was used, which allows you to change the input data and calculate the level of the final grade of schools using the developed model. The possibility of using the constructed neural network model to manage business processes in the educational system in modern socio-economic conditions of Ukraine’s development is emphasized

Author Biographies

T. V. Reshetnyak, Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA), Kramatorsk

senior lecturer

N. P. Isikova, Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA), Kramatorsk

candidate of economic sciences, senior lecturer


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Reshetnyak, T., & Isikova, N. (2019). Development of a neural network computer model for managing a major educational system. HERALD of the Donbass State Engineering Academy, (2 (46), 161-164.