The use of modern systems of engineering analysis in the design of equipment

  • S. S. Hurkovskaya Donbass State Engineering Academy(DSEA), Kramatorsk
  • S. S. Krasovsky Donbass State Engineering Academy(DSEA), Kramatorsk
Keywords: finite element method, Abaqus software package, strength analysis, stress-strain state, gearbox, body, finite element, engineering analysis.


Hurkovskaya S. S., Krasovsky S. S. The use of modern systems of engineering analysis in the design of equipment // Herald of the DSEA. – 2019. – № 2 (46). – P. 118–122.

This article discusses the need to introduce modern computer simulation and engineering analysis methods based on FEM into the educational process. Engineering analysis programs based on FEM allow with sufficient efficiency and accuracy to evaluate the behavior of structures that do not fit into the canons of analytical and "semi-analytical" dependencies. The use of a full range of computer-aided design systems reduces the material consumption of a product by 20–25%, production costs by 15–20 %, shortens the product creation cycle by about 2 times, improves the quality of the product and, as a result, improves the competitiveness of the enterprise. In addition, in the process of creating new machines, it is sometimes extremely difficult or very expensive to carry out their tests under the conditions provided by the field of application. At the same time, the equipment being created must have high reliability, durability and performance after mastering mass production. Abaqus, the most popular and powerful calculation package in the world, is considered as the main product used to solve the problem. The main stages of the calculation of the stress-strain state of the gearbox with a view to its further modernization, as well as the results of the calculation are considered. The basic principles that should guide the choice of the type and size of the grid of finite elements in order to obtain the most accurate results with minimal machine time are considered. It should always be remembered that the finite element method itself is a method of numerical approximation, and it cannot give absolute accuracy. However, the use of modern CAE computer modeling systems helps the engineer to quickly assess the vulnerabilities in the structure, improve them, and if necessary, upgrade the structure as a whole.


Author Biographies

S. S. Hurkovskaya, Donbass State Engineering Academy(DSEA), Kramatorsk

candidate of technical science, senior lecturer

S. S. Krasovsky, Donbass State Engineering Academy(DSEA), Kramatorsk

candidate of technical science, associate professor


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Hurkovskaya, S., & Krasovsky, S. (2019). The use of modern systems of engineering analysis in the design of equipment. HERALD of the Donbass State Engineering Academy, (2 (46), 118-122.