The static friction torque while high pressure torsion determining

  • V. O. Kvashnin Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA), Kramatorsk
  • A. V. Babash Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA), Kramatorsk
  • A. N. Yakovlev Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA), Kramatorsk
Keywords: high pressure torsion, static resistance torque, press, frequency converter, gearbox, method, induction motor, research equipment.


 Kvashnin V. O., Babash A. V., Yakovlev A. N. The static friction torque while high pressure torsion determining // Herald of the DSEA. – 2019. – № 2 (46). –  C. 71–76.

The current technology of the use of rock metals for the manufactured parts is given. High pressure technology with high torsion torsion is described. We believe that research studies have been conducted to establish samples with simultaneous rotation. The research facility involves a 10 ton press. The incremental encoder Siemens 6FX2001-2DB02 was used very quickly. An asynchronous motion was made to represent the cruise in motion, which was subjected to a long-lasting Altivar 31. The reducer 2Ч-80 is required to obtain the necessary inspection and reliable motorcycle. When pressing with simultaneous rotation of the sample friction force occurs. You distinguish yourself by the power and the moment of static resistance of the expanding enterprise. Analytical realized forces and moments of stationary support of the enterprise were presented in the article. According to our information, the statistics of the supporting business, which were developed at the statistical moment with asynchronous electricity production with a maximum force at the previous level of 10 t, were presented and presented. The test indicator showed that the existing asynchronous electric motor of the experimental setup seems to withstand the statistics for testing in the friction mode at the previous disappearance with its simultaneous rotation. All trusted forces and moments of friction at the preliminary opening with simultaneous rotation, which is done for the titanium rock, which is the main worker in the production of various details of medical and necessary.

Author Biographies

V. O. Kvashnin, Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA), Kramatorsk

candidate of technical science, associate professor 

A. V. Babash, Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA), Kramatorsk


A. N. Yakovlev, Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA), Kramatorsk

Master of science


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Kvashnin, V., Babash, A., & Yakovlev, A. (2019). The static friction torque while high pressure torsion determining. HERALD of the Donbass State Engineering Academy, (2 (46), 71-76.